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Hey! I have a question about Certification Projects.
Every time you finish a course, for example “Learn HTML Building a Cat Photo App” you have a final test, this test must be the same as the example shown or I will have to do it different from the example.
And to get the certificate do I have to do all the CSS too?

HI @JoaoViniciusL !

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The certifications projects are not supposed to the look exactly like the sample.
The sample is just one way to build the project.
The only requirement is the pass the user stories, otherwise you are encouraged to build to look the way you want it too.

To get the certificate, you have to do all 5 of the required projects and most of them require css.

Hope that helps!

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Make sure to complete all practice projects before a final project!

For example, for the Survey Form, it’s suggested you do, Cat Photo App AND Cafe Menu, AND Set of Colored Markers AND Registration Form

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