Finally finished my first tribute page feat.Tenacious D. Any feedback would be awesome!

I cant seem to modify my h1 or h2 elements’ font-size using CSS and had to rescale them in the html workspace. Am i missing something?

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to change font size for h1 and h2 just add this to your css
h1, h2 { font-size: 50px; }
and remove h1 and h2 font-size in html

Thanks, I knew about this piece of code but when i was applying the font-size to the parent

, it didnt affect the headings at all and I opted for the html instead.

I was under the impression that bootstrap auto resized all elements but when i view on mobile, my image link gets broken for some reason and my headings dont resize and scale out of view.

Would i be able to fix the latter by placing it in a bootstrap grid of one full column?
Also if i sized my columns with col-xs rather than col-sm , would it make it more mobile friendly?

Thanks in advance!