I can't seem to re-size text on my Personal Portfolio Page

I’ve been going round the bend trying to get the text in the ‘About’ section of my Personal Portfolio page to change size. I can’t work out what is preventing it from changing when I change the ‘font-size’ in CSS for h1 or h2. Any help much appreciated.

Here is my Personal Portfolio Page so far Personal Portfolio Page



The <link> for bootstrap in your HTML seems to override your CSS. I tried removing it, then fixed the URL in the CSS settings.

You should use <p> instead of <h2> for your paragraph.

Thank you so much for the fast reply.

I’ve removed the script for Bootstrap from the html and changed h2 to p and got that working perfectly. I still don’t seem to be able to re-size h1. Any assistance much appreciated.

Try removing your <link> tags. Then in the CSS settings, add https: before the bootstrap URL. Same for the one in the JS settings.

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Problem solved. Thanks again.