Finally Finished my Portfolio Page


I pushed it off for a while, but I got around to finishing it!

Used Mainly flexbox.

Also check out my Helpful Web Design Tools Post i made.


Hey, did a really quick flyby look at it. I really like your layout and effects. Quick thing I saw was a misspelling for Codecademy. Good job.

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Looks really good, also the animations are smooth. Just the missing scrollbar makes me a bit nervous, but maybe I’m a little oldfashioned.

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Thank you guys for the review.

Lol, i removed the scrollbar because i just think it looks weird. :slight_smile:

For me your site is extremely weird on mobile. After scrolling a small amount toward the bottom…your page starts jumping up and down. Eventually it jumps back up to the top and stays, but that’s after it jumps up and and down for like 3 seconds. It won’t stay still long enough for me to read any goals

Hi man I would like to order one TeleX O-Ring please.
Just kidding it looks really cool! Just one little thing I noticed, in the Portfolio Page the Annoying Tab Generator button doesn’t work, it’s a shame since I wanted to give it a look.

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@Cody_Biggs I have never seen that. What phone are you using?

@renexe89 lol


I’ll fix that, thanks :slight_smile:

(use for self closing tabs)

iPhone 6s. Anytime I try scrolling past your free code camp Lorem ispsum just makes the page start jumping up and down.

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Now I can troll some friends muahahaha, I mean, you’re welcome!

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