Finally finished my tribute page.Please check it out :grinning:

Hey! Great work!
Don’t forget to put the link to the external website, it’s a condition of the challenge :slight_smile:

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You shouldn’t rely too much on using IDs for your CSS, and it would be better practice for you to practice with classes, tags, and specificity (traversing using children).

If you’re using Bootstrap, try using some col-xs-12 classes to make your divs more responsive for mobile devices. Right now, they look squished together which makes readability tough.

Overall, your design is incredible and clean. The images are responsive on resize. I love your Members section, it’s done really well. My one easiest hint would be to add a larger margin to the bottom of your images so the paragraphs have a little bit of breathing room!

Great job, I think you’re more than ready to move onto tougher projects! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Thank you so much sir for taking your time and going through the code. I will correct my mistakes in the future. :slight_smile: