Tribute Page - Feedback Request!

Hello guys , This is my tribute page .
Can you give me some feedback. Be as ruthless as you can . Mostly about the responsiveness of the page and any advice on how i can improve it ; Thank you for your time!

UI Improvements:
You can improve the colors, white space, Readability, and alignments.

Coding part:

  1. You should not write classes at the end of the tag </h6 class="text-center">
  2. Just like footer, you can also use tags like main, header, section, article… so on HTML5 element. (not sure if you have completed these challenges)

Thank you for the reply! I have started learning front-end development like 5 -6 days ago .
According to tags like main , header… i have completed those challenges but haven’t really used them in the project . Mainly i have used only divs .
Thank you again and i am open to any advice if you have .

Hi @Brajan I would choose an image with a better resolution. Also I would adjust the padding around the title so that it doesn’t look too messy.

Happy coding!