My Tribute Page(Feedback)

Feel free to tell me anything that you see wrong with the code


Looks good so far, however I have a few tips for you:

  • You don’t need to put <body>, <head> or <html> tags into your HTML, as Codepen does this for you. Just start writing your HTML, you are already in the body of the page. But remember that this is something Codepen does, if you write HTML in a different editor you might need to write these tags.
  • Bootstrap has a .container class which sets the max-width to 1170px I think. It is recommended to wrap your code in a <div class="container">...</div> as this looks better on big screen sizes and makes responsive design easier.
  • You used <h4> tags below the image with lots of text. But <h4> is for headings only, and a heading naturally doesn’t have that much text, you should use a paragraph for this (<p>). If you want the text to look a little bigger on the paragraph, you can add a class called lead which is from Bootstrap.
  • At the end of your page, there is a </head> tag. You should remove it. The head and body of a HTML document must be strictly separated: the head contains meta information like the page title, links to stylesheets and SEO information, while the body contains all your content that can actually be seen on your website. The browser doesn’t display what you write in the head section.

Hope I could help you, if you have questions let me know :wink:

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Thanks for your feedback,I appreciate it.
You’re right,I used the h4 tags because I wanted to make the text bold. It is funny ,but I forgot most of the things I’ve learned,I had to search google and FCC forums.

I’ve also deleted the" ``head " tag at the end and added the container class. Thanks a lot,the page looks a lot better now