Tribute Page [feedback appreciated]

Hello there campers,

I would really appreciate if you could give me your feedback on how I could improve my code on my Tribute Page.

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Rather plain. Could you not find a more interesting image?
By the way, give your pen a title. It will be easier to find in future.

well done. the code looks clean. only thing i would change is to move your body tags outside of your div container and increase your line-height to at least 1.5 and work form there. the line height improve readability.

I think you can add a min-width to your lead image to make sure it stays visible. it gets pretty small with you size the window down to mobile view.

Thank you for your feedback, I see your point but I wanted the page to look plain and minimal in all sense.

And I have changed the title of the Pen, I am new to CodePen. In reality I wanted to upload my code to GitHub and not CodePen but to finish my fCC projects until I learn GitHub I will be using CodePen.

Thank you for your feedback, I have moved the body tag outside the div container, it makes sense.

Well, I am using Bootstrap and I think Bootstrap sets the line-height as standard, correct me if I am wrong. But honestly, I think it looks alright here.

Yes, you are right; I have been trying to change the behavior of the image that gets too small when it gets to mobile view but until now I could not. Let me know if you know how! I will keep looking into it.