Finally Got My Front-End Certificate!

Finally after almost a year (yes that long, read further), I have MY FRONT-END CERTIFICATE!!!

I am so excited!

Just wanted to share my story.

I started back in April 2017. I love tech and am always tinkering with computers, I also have a small side business where I repair them. Development was something I really started to consider and thought about what I need to do. I found FCC and liked the fact that I actually got certificates out of it. A few years back I tried Code Academy but I never really took it to seriously.

So I got my old laptop out and tried to fix it… that didn’t work (its really old). Went and bought a cheap Chromebook and put Linux on it, and went to town learning. I work mainly overnights and its not typically busy during that time, so I was able to work on it at work. I didn’t really work on it outside of work, because I pick up a lot of OT so I need some time to myself every now and then. So September came and I went on vacation, of course I didn’t work on it then. When I got back the next few months were our busy months at work due to the holiday season, and we also hired a lot of new people so I couldn’t really focus on it which slowed me down.

When I finally got back into it, the “Tic Tac Toe” game caused me so many issues. Honestly it wasn’t making the game work, that was easy, it was making it smart and incorporating the MinMax algorithm. When I got to “Simon” that was much easier in my opinion.

If you feel like checking out some of my stuff on my codePen here is the link. Not all of it is updated, and its easy to see things from when I first started to where I am now.

Also Thank You to everyone who helped me here in the forums, over on gitter, people on reddit, and also people who just posted random guides. Development isn’t easy to learn and its great to have a community to help.

Haven’t decided what is next, but I am not going to let this go to waste. Most likely start working on my Data Visualization now.