Got front-end development certificate


I got my front-end developer certificate and very happy for that.

This summer I am going to be busy and probably I won’t be able to carry on until Fall, but I will try to help in the forums as I am more confident about javascript.


Congratulations cortazar11 ! How long did it take you to get your certificate?

Are you taking summer classes? I start my new semester in the fall and I’m wondering how well I’ll be able to learn on FCC while taking a full semester.

I started last year in March. After I gave up in June to restart in November and finishing last May.

Might be too long. The challenges were O.K. but the projects, particularly the four of the advance level, much harder than expected.

I am not a student. This is a kind of side activity when I am unemployed.
Now I am employed again and go back to my old activity: hospitality.

Until finding job as Web Derveloper that is what love to do.

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Congratulations!!! Best of luck for the future

Congrats on getting your certificate!
I suggest even coding half-hour/hour everyday… so you keep things fresh, and learn something new everyday. It adds up.