Just finished Front End Cert and it's great!

I am from China, and now I am in my gap year and I have plenty of time to code. Next year I will go to College and study Computer Science.

I started to learn to code roughly several years ago, but I didn’t make much progress until I visit Free Code Camp when I was browsing the Github two years ago.

I have worked on FCC for roughly about two years with many pauses in between. Today I finally managed to finish the front end cert after such a long ride. During these two years I also finished the Front End Nano Degree in Udacity which, I believe, is easier than the Front End Cert.

However I still have many areas that I need to work on. My code is not clean and I think my JavaScript architecture still needs improvement. Sometimes I wrote codes and felt that there must be a better way to write this functions.

Anyway, it’s great to get the front end cert. I send my best wishes to all the people who is still working on it. Don’t give up. You might feel discouraging, but keep working at it.

Thanks FCC for providing such a great curriculum. I benefited a lot from the curriculum, chat room and the forum. And also the medium publication each week and Quincy’s weekly emails.

In the following week, I will start my journey on back end cert as well as working in the Chingu Cohort.


@524119574 congratulations on your certificate! In programming you will often feel like there’s better way to do stuff and that can be both good and bad thing. Don’t let it discourage you because learning to program never ends. That feeling of “other better way” should drive you towards constant improvment of your skills.

I’ve been working as Front End Developer for 1,5 year now and often I still feel like my code could be better. But when I look back into past I see how huge progress I made.

Are you going to join Chingu Cohort? I’ve been thinking about it myself as soon I will probably end up unemployed. Can you let me know more how does it work after you start? Cause it’s hard to read much from cohort’s website.

Thanks :slight_smile: and again congratulations!

The June cohort just started on several days ago. I can just share with you some of the things that I know.
So first you will need to fill in a form to register you will answer questions like “Where are you in the FCC curriculum”, “What do you want to get from the cohort”.

Then if you are selected, an email will be sent to you to notify that you are accepted.

After several days you will be invited to sign up for activities like pair-programming, FCC speed run and the like. You will also be invited to join the slack chat room. The chat room is divided into different levels according to your coding experience.

Now I am waiting for the cohort activities to start, it should start at June 13th.

The people in the cohort are very friendly and come from all kinds of background. It is a great experience as of now. :smile:

I think I can share a little bit more with you after the activities officially begin.

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Great, can’t wait to hear news from you :slight_smile: