Finally my portfolio page

hello every one on this great site
i just finished testing my portfolio page please feel free to give your feed back on the coding
thank you

Your test isn’t passing completely, you have one error,

It says your #welcome-section should be equal to height of the viewport, it means you should have a height: 100vh to your #welcome-section.

And remove the padding-top you have given to the #welcome-section, instead wrap it with a div and apply the padding-top to it.

Also, for some reason you have a large margin at the top of sections, it looks odd to see lot of empty space.

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The tests are not all that important.

(test your web page on smaller screens -->

The font is really hard to read. Blue text on a blue background with a thick border is hard to read. Their is no contrast in the color scheme

Add some margin around these containers, and make them 100% of the width on smaller screens.
(media query’s)
The button should also have some margin around it too.

Try and vary background colors between sections to help break up the page

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thank you for taking time to look at my code
yes indeed the welcome section must be 100vh heigth i forgot about that
and the large margin is cuz when a remove the margin from the welcome
the navbar is shifted down and the welcome header comes to the top
i could not fixed other way

thank you for your time looking at my code
yes indeed me myself had a hard time reading it
and even had a harder time choosing colors will give it another try with the colors

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Look up lots of different websites and look at their color schemes for inspiration. Just any website(s) you want.

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