Finding it challenging to push through learning phase

Please, I need help!
I’ve been on freecodecamp for over year to learn programming, I always stop at some point. I will stop again after I initiated it again, the cycle is unending.

Please, what can help me?
How can I break free from this bad habit?
Please, I need serious help

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What motivates you to start?

That motivation is essentially the “fuel” for you to keep going. Without it you “run out of gas” and stop.

Learning requires effort, and everyone has a limited amount of effort to give before they burn out.

Knowing what motivates you to start, and focusing on that motivation over time could help you continue with learning as you run into challenges.

However, depending on how you motivate yourself this might be easy or difficult.


One thing that helps me is working on a personal project. It gets my drive up a bit to have something I’m passionate about. Maybe a landing page for yourself or a friend’s small business? Then I find myself researching and learning in order to problem solve real world scenarios which in the end is what coding is all about right? Good luck! You can do it!