Stop and Start?

Has anyone successfully advanced in coding after starting and stopping a “few” times, sometimes with longer than usual breaks in between?
I’m a full-time RN and get really unmotivated after working, then get passionate about coding, then get really unmotivated again.
I’d love to understand code, and eventually build projects, maybe even get a job someday. Just looking at the overwhelming prospect of restarting the Javascript section, lol.

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I think you have to understand why you keep stopping and restarting. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, it’s discipline that’s going to help you learn how to code since motivation comes and goes.

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I agree with the above, understanding the why you lose motivation might help.

Ultimately learning to code requires energy as it isn’t easy. Where and how you get that energy, or motivation to continue with it is something you’ll need to identify and keep going if you want to stick with it.

It’s possible you start because you like the idea of coding, but don’t continue as the reality of the task sets in and it’s less “fun” as the idea becomes reality. So the motivation is only “temporary”.

If so, then you’ll have to identify other forms of motivation to keep you “fueled” as you go through it. I personally identified that I like puzzles, challenges, learning things, and am too stubborn to “stop” if things aren’t working. All of these mean I can code every day good or bad and still wake up and go back to the grind.

Not everyone wants/needs the same forms of motivation but you do need to find some. Something as simple “needing financial stability and flexibility of remote work” could work if you’re serious enough about it.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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I really appreciate this!!! I have a lot to think about but I’m thinking it’s definitely worth catching up to my old progress and moving forward!

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