Finished My Technical Document Project, have a look <3

I tried my best to make it look good on mobile but i think i messed up the code somewhere
would love some constructive feedback :smile:

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Heyooooo. Not many people know about this feature but codepen has a built in debugger that can be acccessed by clicking the dropdown area at the top right of the text editor area and clicking analyze. I went ahead and screenshotted the errors to simplify things:


and here’s the one css error you have:


These errors are pretty self explanatory so I’ll let you tackle those.

As for layout. It seems that I can’t access all of your topics because there’s no scroll bar and the items are too spaced out:

I would probably suggest getting rid of the styling and make it more simple. You’ll be able to fit more and it’ll look more fluid. Here’s what it would look like after removing some stuff:

Sometimes less is more. Try to aim for simplicity.

Great job, keep learning, keep growing :+1:


Thanks a lot ill remove some things you have said :slight_smile: