Finished technical documentation page

Just finished my technical documentation page and would like to hear any feedback.

Full webpage

It was particularly tricky getting the code snippets formatted nicely.

I wanted to have the nav links in a hamburger icon on mobile but after a little Googling, it seemed like it would be a lot of work and things would have to be rearranged in the nav section.

This looks pretty good! Nice use of smooth scroll :slight_smile: few suggestions.

remove your logo icon or move it next to your title in the nav. It seems it doesn’t fit well.
Some sentences stretch too much. Give a fixed width to your content section to limit how many words can be there in a line.
I know you recognized it but mobile experience is not a good one due to nav links. Your navbar is fixed and making it hard to scroll.

Although it isn’t perfect but you could try out a mobile nav menu like mine.

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Thanks for your suggestions! Those are some good ideas. Wow your page looks amazing.

Wes Bos ( may have just what you’re looking for. He has a lot of courses on his site that are free. Quick videos and informative html and css samples. For your navigation, check out his ‘What the Flexbox’ course. It’s free and I think it may be just what you’re looking for.

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I’ve seen his stuff, planning to do JavaScript 30 eventually :smile:

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I made those fixes–there’s now a hamburger button for the menu on mobile. I’m much happier with it now :slight_smile:

That looks great. Awesome :tada:

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That looks great! Good job!

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