FireBug - livestream code alongs cloning full stack web apps

Hi Friends!

I’m Shawn, you might know me from the No Zero Days post. I was last here doing SunburstJS, doing a little mentoring.

This time I am trying a new thing, doing daily live streams to help people who are just learning to make full stack web apps with React and Firebase. This should get you over the hump especially if you are struggling to complete those backend certificates!

For me the benefit is gaining practice live coding and explaining what I am doing as well as cloning apps that I admire.

The first app we are cloning is

Have a watch of the video here

Happy to answer any questions/be told I don’t know how to code!



Hi! day 2 of my firebase react tutorial!

Day 2 cloning !

Lesson plan for today

  • convert @Firebase Realtime Database to #firestore
  • put todos from backlog to date and back
  • make a working calendar view to navigate by dates
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Day 2 speed run is here!

Hi! Day 3 video is up showing how to refactor to React’s new Context API!

Hello! Day 4 rehearsed video is up - we go into how to work with nested objects in Firestore!

Hi Day 5 and we do a bunch of CSS to make the look and feel much closer!

day 6!