First and Second Front-End Projects

Hey Everyone, I am struggling to get started with the first two projects. I have a good working understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript, but I am not sure how to take a web page from start to finish. Do any of you know of good resources to help with this? How do I come up with ideas for a page structure? Any input or resource is welcomed. Thank you!

Start by drawing. Pen on a napkin, crayons on paper, or finger paint on the walls. Once you do something that gets you started on the design process, it will snowball from there.

I agree that drawing is a great start. If you still don’t have any ideas, just look at other websites/projects to get some ideas (but don’t look at the fancy ones… I did that and it made me feel like I’m far behind everyone else…).
Then, just start to add the HTML pieces and it would be easier from there.