First challenge: How do you change the text?

The instructions say, “change the text”. The hint says, “make sure” you changed the text. Hoooooooooooow do you change the text?

What does this sentence mean: " … your text editor, which we’ve embedded into this web page"?

Thank you.

If you are referring to the challenge named “Say Hello to HTML Elements”, then the challenge starts with the code below:


When the challenges asks you to change the text, it is referring to the part between the <h1> and </h1> element tags. In this case the text is “Hello”.

Thank you.

I understand what to change. I do not understand how to change it.

Okay. I see it now. The gray box at the bottom is the Text Editor. Yes?
Thank you.

Yes, you got it now.


When you left click in the code editor window it does not give you the cursor control?

You should be able to click between the tags and then type.

If you cannot achieve this: what sort of device (laptop, ipad, mobile phone), operating system (windows, mac OS, Linux), and browser (Chrome, Edge, IE, other) are you using to view FCC?


If you view the site with a desktop, you can see the coding section easier (see below).