First developer job, afriad im asking too many questions

Im early on in my dev career. I know there is going to be alot of things that I don’t know, and new things that I learn daily. What am i wondering is, has anyone felt like they just hit brick wall after brick wall in their first job? My senior developer told me if I have any questions just ask. Which I have been. But sometimes went I can’t figure it out the first time i feel dumb asking him again. I obviously don’t want my first job to end prematurely. Has anyone had a similar experience?

One of the hardest balances to learn is how long to struggle before asking for help and how to ask for help. This is true as a jr developer, but also just as someone who is new to a team or company. If it’s the type of question that can be answered by some googling, document reading, stack overflow trolling, etc then it’s probably a good idea to try to find the answer yourself. If it’s “I don’t understand how this thing in our code base is working” or “I’m struggling to solve this problem using our stack,” then get help. This is a very rough rule of thumb and not something to be taken as gospel.