Stuck in my apprenticeship

Hi everbody!!!
I have started this apprenticeship from five weeks, but i don’t feel my ease to code and other stuff,because i have few concepts about programming (I took a course for two years,but they were a little bit messy and I don’t have CS degree), and my "
colleagues" are super expert and I feel that I’m not good.
i’m afraid to ask them.

Apologize for my English !!!

Aren’t you there to learn?

Apply Read-Search-Ask like your life depended on it (you will find your colleagues doing the same multiple times per day if not per hour)

Apply rubber bug debugging to not bother the others, and ask them only when you can’t reach the answer with that so you know you’re bothering them because you need the help

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Thanks for advices
My problem is that I don’t know how ask them because I haven’t right terms to ask and I don’t to know how to explain them my problem

What you’re experiencing is extremely common when starting a developer job, and much more so when it’s your first one. Keep working through it. Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions when your coworkers and mentors speak over your head. They probably are just so used to jargon that they forget that it’s jargon.

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