First lession on security with helmet is not workng

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its not working i have installed helmet@3.21.3 and required in app.js ,

and the hint and solution are wrong its for glitch
and in start is says use

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Challenge: Install and Require Helmet

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Welcome, ysaurabh.

Thank you, for letting us know. I have removed the solution and Glitch-related content from the Guide.

In order to be able to help you, we will need to be able to see your code/project. Would you mind sharing a link to your project code?

here it is

Thank you, for sharing that. It looks like the same issue present here:
Has the team updated the courses? - General - The freeCodeCamp Forum

Note: This has been fixed, but the fix has not been pushed to production (pushes typically happen once per week)

Hope this helps

thanks it worked .
again thanks a lot.