Install and Require Helmet not passing

At the behest of other friendly campers, I am using Glitch now so everyone can see my code, but still running into errors.

This is the challenge I am having trouble with :slight_smile: - this is the LiveApp Code I think

I am using these guides to help me :slight_smile:

I installed Helmet but when I ran the other part of the code it did not pass. Please help me understand why.

Thanks to all the friendly people here and at the Discord for volunteering to assist. I appreciate it. However also having a ton of trouble understanding the instructions sometimes.

Am I correct in understanding that these instructions are for Node, Chai and all the other lesson paths? They all seem to lead to repositories and require going to these sites. Am I not supposed to change the code inside for one challenge, or for all?

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solution: Glitch :ο½₯゚✧

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Challenge: Install and Require Helmet

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Both your myApp.js and server.js files look to be from a different starter boilerplate.

Use this starter, add the package then try the submit again.

Yes I am using different starters from different courses. Do I need to use the same starter for all courses?

No, you need to use the starter project provided on the starting page of the specific challenge section. So for the Information Security with HelmetJS it provides links to a GitHub repo and a Replit. That is the starting code you should use.

So you cannot use the same starter for different courses because of the different code?

Yes, they each have their own setup code.

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