First Project Feedback

Hey Everyone I just polished off my tribute page and would appreciate any feedback you might have.

Karl Malone Tribute Page

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Great start Tyler! A few things to consider:

  1. Try and keep all styles in the CSS. There are a few places where you created “inline” styles to center things. Try creating a reusable class with .text-center{ text-align: center} and just add that class to any text item you want to be centered.
  2. Try avoiding the <br /> tags for creating extra space. Instead, try adding a margin-bottom to your <li> tags in order to create that space.
  3. The <b> tag is probably fine - but generally <strong> or <em> is preferred because the markup of these two tags carries more semantic meaning.
  4. Instead of splitting his quote up into two <h2> tags, try using a <blockquote> tag. You can achieve the same look if you add a class and style through CSS.

Keep going! Looks like you are having fun. This is exactly the kind of stuff I did when I got started 7 years ago :smile:

Hey Tyler,

You did great job, keep it up and enjoy!:grinning: