First Real Project

Hi guys please review my website im currently doing for a small business thank you.Mikectrolight Appliances

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It looks pretty cool. I might set your break points a little higher - the contacts page for example, the address gets ugly too soon.

But it looks pretty good. Do you have a link to a repo if you want us to review the code?

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I think your pages looks great!

Have you thought about adding a custom domain name since this is for a small business?

I would look into netlify on how to set that up.

I used github pages for my first side project and created a custom domain instead of using the address.

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Thank You , Ive been trying to fix the contact page but it looks okay on my page but ill try to break it earlier. Here’s the link to my repo GitRepo

Thank You for the feedback, The customer already has a custom domain I was just revamping his site. Do you perhaps know how to upload the new site to the original domain, because the company that designed the website went out of business and I cant get the login details?

In my case, I got the custom domain from bluehost so I had to set it up with them and get them to point the domain name to the github page.

So it should be something similar in your case. I would reach out to the customer and ask them where they registered the custom domain.

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Thank You , I’ll JUMP on it ASAP :+1:

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