How do I make my website live on the internet?

I never thought I would be asking this question, nor did I think that this would be so confusing and so difficult for me. but here I am… :triumph:

Can someone please help me understand how we go about uploading fully customized HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to the web to make your website available for others to use and view :thinking: ?

I already have experience with owning a domain, but it seems that the tech supports are clueless on how uploading fully custom site files work. They seem to keep redirecting me to website builders or how to use a Wordpress site etc. :triumph: (im using GoDaddy for domain).

Im pretty frustrated because Ive spent all this time learning how to code and build things from scratch and when I get to the part where I would think it would be easy (the upload process) Im more lost than ever. Although I have to admit, the irony is slightly amusing :sweat_smile:

PLEASE HALP. :upside_down_face:


It seems like all the information im finding is focused on website builders :sweat:

Have you tried Netlify? It’s vey easy. You just have to click ‘Sites’ link that’s there on the navbar and then drag the “build” folder of your project to the place where you see the following.

Want to deploy a new site without connecting to Git?
Drag and drop your site output folder here

If it is just html, css and vanilla javascript you can go with github pages.

For full stack apps you would want to use other options like netlify or heroku.


Thank you so much :pray: I will give this a try.

I will look into this. Is that the only difference between GitHub Pages and Netlify? The backend capabilities? Or would you say one is easier to use than the other option?

Also @jwilkins.oboe @croy4744 , how does the domain stuff work after I upload to one of these? :face_with_monocle:

You will have to contact your DNS provider.
They are the ones you got the domain name from.

For my first website, I registered a custom domain name with BlueHost because I already had an account.
I had contacted them about redirecting my custom name to the github pages site.

But there are also plenty of articles on how to set that up.

I think either option could work for your case.
And it is pretty simple to do.

But when you start building sites with backend then other options like heroku and netlify would work.

But for now, you can choose any of those options and it will be fine.


On netlify, you can click on ‘site settings’ and then under ‘domain management’ section, you will find what you want.

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@jwilkins.oboe @croy4744 , MAN thanks a bunch. I don’t know why this information is not very searchable in google or even on YT. Very strange.

Thank you both a ton :pray:

I think im going to try the GitHub Pages route because I need to start getting into GitHub regardless. Ive been avoiding it, but it’s something I need to learn and become comfortable with so I’m going to start with that for now.


Github can seem intimidating at first but you will get the hang of it.

There are plenty of great articles and videos.

Maybe you can try creating your first repo using one of the responsive design projects.
You don’t have to make it live but it will give you practice on how to get started.


You can also use CodePen and publish your web

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This is interesting.

Codepen is something that I use regularly. How would I publish from there? By giving my domain provider the pen url :thinking:?

Thanks for the link! Im checking it out right now :+1:

I actually dont know

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@jwilkins.oboe Im also interested in using Linux, so learning about the terminal that Git uses feels like im preparing for my future Linux usage.

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Haha got it.

I can see how it would be possible though.

you can save and change its name and copy its url and then publish

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Gott itt. Makes sense :+1:

Thanks for that information :pray:

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It looks like you can only deploy websites with projects not pens.

The free account only allows one free project.