How can I make a REAL website

So I am part of a big competition and part of it is to create a website and i plan to give it a shot. So my main issue is :I have no clue how to create my own website (like i know how to code and stuff) but i need something real, so how do i do that?

Define what you mean as “real”. Any website you have created thus far on FCC is real. If I can see it and interact with it, it is real to me.


Your website needs to be hosted on a server. You can use something like GitHub Pages, run your own web server, or you can pay for website hosting through a service.


A great and “FREE” place to get started with websites is, as long as your not using PHP. :slight_smile: Try a tutorial for one of the major frameworks out there, I would suggest ReactJS or JQuery


i mean i website that i dont have to go to codepen to get to i want something that i can look up on google that type of real

and also for the github does it have to be in git ?

Register a domain name. Pay annual fee.
Pay for web hosting to host your doman name,
or use free hosting service that allows use of custom domain name.

Take a look at for some free hosting, including support for custom domain names.


cool is this one permanently free?

never mind, i like it thanks!

git is a tool used to track changes or “version” your code, whichever language you choose, you would use it to store your code in a repo which is what Github is. When you store your code in Github, GitPages allows you to host your code with a live and public dns. and it’s free. :slight_smile:

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You mean as long as you don’t need a back end.


Your Right, No server-side technology is allowed, only static pages can be served.

If you need a backend you can always venture into AWS free tier.

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thanks guys i appreciate it

please let me know if I can help you out with your website and design free.

thank you i appreciate it

1st purchase domain name as per your website product , services which you want to display

2nd purchase good reliable web hosting account

3rd Once your web hosting setup completed, login into cPanel and install Wordpress sing one script installer i.e softaculous

4th one wordpress installation completed, simply login into the wordpress admin panel start to create website content as per your requirement.

Let me know, if you have any issues.

You can also build a separate backend with an API you can handle data in using Heroku and mLab (or similar).

Of course, if you go down that route, you may prefer to do it all on Heroku and skip surge of GH-Pages altogether:)

You have to get a domain, and then host those codes on a server. On your server you can search for them online and look for what you thinks is the most appropriate to you is a nice BaaS alt to a backend :slight_smile:

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If your website is static try using surge or github pages.