Setting up your own website

Does anyone know of a complete, unbiased guide that explains how to set up your own website a specific domain name? I’ve almost completed my frontend certificate, so I’m applying for some jobs. However, I want my own personal domain name before applying.

GitHub pages is a good option. Hosting is free, but you’ll have to buy a domain name somewhere else. Linking them is pretty easy, and updating your website is a simple git commit.

I don’t know if there’s a substantial difference between domain name providers. I got mine( for $10 a year from Namesilo.

I use Network Solutions to register domains. And I’m partial to Digital Ocean for hosting.

Awesome, I Lee hearing github is best for hosting, which I believe was the question I was trying to ask. I’m planning to buy my domain from google for $12/yr. so after I do, I should be able to host that on github? Also, Git is what I’d use to update the code for my page? And finally, the advantage to using Git to update your website is that you don’t have to upload new files every time you make a change to your code, correct?

Check out this tutorial, it may answer your question:

Thanks @Neotriz! I think I was over complicating it. I just didn’t want to pay for the domain, and then not know how to do anything with it.

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