How to actually create a website?

Alright I did some research and basically just want to confirm here, wether I am getting everything right:

  1. Buy a domain.
  2. Buy a hosting service
  3. Somehow link your code to it

So currently I only have a domain. I would love to hear some thought on which kind of hosting you would recommend. Preferably something very cheap. :wink:

Since I only know how to code and have a domain, I am a bit foggy on the process on how to connect the two.
My assumption is, that when you buy the hosting it will somehow become clear, how to actually upload the files containing the code, but perhaps I am missing some details.

Will be happy to hear some tips/advice!

(oh and if it’s relevant, for now I am only programming in the mern stack, essentially only what is taught here on FCC)


Depending on what kind of web page you’re deploying, there are a few decent hosting options.

GitHub Pages is great for static websites. And free.

Heroku is an option for full-stack applications. Their free-tier is decent.

I recently moved my things over to a DigitalOcean Droplet (VPS). That takes some knowledge for how to set up the virtual machine, though.

Some hosting providers will offer assistance with this part - GitHub Pages offers a setting, for example.

However, you’ll essentially need to add a record to your DNS that points your domain to your hosting location. Your DNS provider will have documentation for how to do this, and depending on your host there will be documentation there as well.


HI @michaelmanke00 !

I bought my domain name from bluehost for my first site and when I was stuck on how to point my domain to the hosting location, the technical representative set it up for me in no time.

I do want to point out that the DNS propagation can take 24 hours -48 hours. But you don’t have to do anything on your end but just wait.

What is DNS propagation


Can I create a website on wordpress?

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Hi @sandeepappcode !

Welcome to the forum!

You can edit existing themes in wordpress.
How to Edit WordPress Source Code (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript).

There are also wordpress developers that create new themes and plugins.
How to Become a WordPress Developer in 2021.

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Depending on your hosting provider, you could be using CPANEL

You are able to manage your domain, email etc and you have a file manager - this is were you upload your website files. Depending on your plan it can also have a database like MySql.

Since you already have a domain name, its a matter of pointing your domain to your hosting namely updating name servers or you can update records if hosting website and email separately.

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Here are the 9 steps to building a website

  • First thing you should choose the right website builder for you
  • Sign up for a plan that suits your needs and budget
  • Choose a unique and relevant domain name from any hosting provider website
  • Pick a design template you love for your website.
  • Customize your template design manually according to your needs.
  • Upload and format your own content.
  • Choose and download apps.
  • Preview and test your website speed and design.
  • Publish your website on the internet.
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that seems simplicistic, and limitating, what if you don’t use a website builder? what if you don’t use a template?

also if you use react or any framework, you are missing the compiling step

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well of course the cms guy recommends using a cms…
any way, I would suggest Host Gator because that it the hosing service I use. It is easy to upload your files to their server once you get set up.


I think his username might explain his answers :slight_smile: