How to publish a website online

Hi everybody!
Is there a freeCodeCamp course that teaches how to publish a website on the web? I want to learn how to - like do you buy a domain or register the website? How do you do that? How do you publish it online? and then how do u like update the website and manage it? :confused: I couldn’t find any useful courses, and I want to learn everything about this. Can anyone help?
Thanks, and happy coding!

I don’t know if there is some FCC video. But there should be plenty online, check youtube.

Yes, you need to buy a domain name. Then you need to find a place to host it. Sometimes the host will help you with the domain name. If you don’t care what the domain name is for now (if you’re just trying things out) then there are places to host it for free. Even github will host a static site for you (github pages).

Try neocities. It offers free static web hosting, a free domain and will allow you to put into practice a lot of what you’ve learned at FCC.

Neocities is best for personal or hobby websites.


Thank you very much! I just checked out their website and it seems really good!

I didn’t know you could do it on github! :smile: I just googled github pages, and I think I’m gonna go with this! Thanks a lot!

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