Publishing a website to the internet...?


I am a beginner at web development so please excuse any lack of knowledge.

I have just put together my first website using HTML and CSS and will eventually add some Javascript.

I would like to now put my website on the internet so others can access it, how exactly do I do that? :flushed:

I have done some research but am a little confused…

Do I need a web hosting site like (https://www.bluehost.comor in order to publish my website to the internet? Or is that just for people who want to create a website without the use of code and use a template instead?

Or is there a different way to do it?

Can anybody give me a push me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance and in the meantime I’ll keep researching!

Katie :+1:

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Thanks for your reply and I will definitely check the links out, thanks!

My website is actually going to be a portfolio of my work.

if your looking for free hosting theres a site called which will host multiple sites for you, as with github pages you only get one site per account so you could host your portfolio there but you would have to host your projects elsewhere, netlify hosts straight from github so all you need to do is link your github account then pick the project you want to host and your done :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your input, I will take everything you have said into consideration and will check out Netlify!

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Welcome to the world of web development, since its your first website, I would suggest to try any cpanel based free hosting like 000webhost free Cpanel hosting etc and once your requirement increases then only you should go for paid hosting etc. I hope this helps

You could always use github pages. Upload to github and in settings of your repository choose a branch which you want to publish. That’s only works for frontend as yours.

And actual link.

You need to upload those files you have to web host like I used now hostgator. You need some extra function to analyze data or data science consultants I would use RTS Labs.

I highly recommend getting a website. Not only is it great experience to have one up and running, but it is far more professional for a web developer portfolio.

I like, can get a domain name and hosting.

I also recommend getting a file transfer maanger when you do have your website, makes transferring files much easier to the web-server. I use