How to Publish Text files to the internet

Hi everyone. I am relatively new to coding, but I have coded a website on the coding program for my Chromebook, Text. I also have a custom domain that I bought from Google. My first site was through Google Sites, but I would like to redirect my domain name to this new site. I was wondering if there was any way that I could publish my new website for free with the same domain name I bought from Google. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

If it’s a static website, GitHub Pages is free. As a bonus, several people around here have used GitHub Pages and can probably help troubleshoot if you get stuck.

Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: I will certainly look into that.


As Ariel mentioned, GitHub Pages is an excellent free hosting site. That’s where I’ve hosted my own personal profile page. GitHub Pages allows you to serve the page over a custom domain, as well, and includes instructions for setting up the CNAME record on your DNS.

Definitely worth looking in to!

Thanks! I am currently trying it out.