Giving the website a URL


So I am currently creating a website using Visual Studio Code. And at the moment the URL at the searchfield, for this site, looks something like this:

Now, this is lot of numbers :slight_smile: But how do I assign the website with an actual URL instead? I want to be able to google it and search for it on other devices as well. Thanks

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Hey @O.w. Currently, your website is only accessible from your computer. If you want to make your website visible to the live, you need a paid hosting plan and a domain. Then, you need to host your website’s files in your hosting’s cPanel. Check this video for more info:


Hmm ok. So even skilled coders need to pay for a hosting plan? I thought perhaps that if you could create it yourself you would be able to host it yourself or something?

So if you want to do something like that you would need to buy your own servers or something perhaps?

How can I upload a project to Github if I don’t have a URL and a Hosting plan? Is that possible somehow?

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github offers github pages, wich is a free hosting for front-end websites:
you just need to have a github repo for your project, and can create the github pages from your repo settings

it will have a unique URL, but that URL will include the github name
bit it’s free

if you want stuff more complex, like a full blown app, you need to pay for server and database.

Hello @O.w. You know, everything in this world is not free. Yes, every websites pay for their hosting service and domain renewal. You can of course buy your own servers, but it’s very much risky and the cost is very much. If you buy your own servers, you need to fix all the bugs yourself and make it secure yourself.

I am not very much experienced with GitHub, but I have heard of GitHub hosting and I think it’s free. But, if I was to create a fully functional website, I would get a hosting plan and buy a domain. Check this link for more info about GitHub hosting:


I will check that out when I have built a few sites that I can upload. Thanks

if you do the projects for freecodecamp, you can use something like or and submit the links to those projects, without having to worry about anything too complex