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Hello forum members, I am happy to be part of this great community. Why I am reaching out today is to know more about live server by (virtual studio code) and deployment of our codes to the server for global usage. For instance, if I have my codes now and I want my Web page to be globally accessible. What steps are needed. Is there is a course for it in web development.? Or I have to buy hosting plan to do it.

Please I want your best answers.

Thank you.


If you want a public website, you need a domain - as the website is adressed by it’s IP, the “domain” is saved on a DNS, which transfers people who enter the name of the site to the corresponding IP.

Ofcourse IPs are usually not permanent, so you need a server to host the code so it’s both accessible AND can get a permanent IP. That’s the hosting-server.

So what do you need to do? Well for a start, figure out what website you have and then what it is supposed to do and what code is needed.
If you got a blog and some basic elements, some free options like Wordpress can work out.

If you got more specialised code or need specific environments… well it can get complicated but really comes down to doing some research on hosting-platforms for your needs. Some offer tons of E-Mail-Adresses, others have Chronjobs (executes code at specified times without further input from you). Maybe you need some servers or support for special code bases like Vue.js or Python.

It depends on the type of site. If it’s just a static site you can use something like Surge, Netlify, GitHub Pages, etc, for free. If you want your own domain name you have to register it and pay for it. The domain name can also be part of a hosting plan.

If you just want to try putting a site online I would start with one of the free options. Then later you can look at paying for hosting.

Thank you for your response, it’s helpful.

Okay, I will try out the free options that you have specified, later, I will know how to go about it. Thanks a lot for your response.

Thank you everyone for your contributions. I can host my web pages on github pages. You can check out my work here Welcome to Bethany' Pie Shop!. Feedbacks will be appreciated. Thank you.

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