How do you make an actual website

All i see when i google how to actually build your own website, are websites that are click and drag, to build it. Then i see websites basically talking trash about coding and learning code to design websites, when “its so much easier to use our website.” Its kind of annoying. How do i design a blank page, and turn it into a website with a link.

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What type of site are you wanting to build?

Just anyone to mess with and practice on. I have been doing it on codepen and its been fine, im just curious how you go about doing that.

When you say a website with a link, do you mean a website with a URL? a domain name? Or a website with <a> tags in it?

If you don’t need backend services (form processing and the like), Github pages can host your site for free, and the url will be a subdomain of

If you want a domain name to point to it, like “”, you need to register a domain name. Various places do that for different prices (namecheap and namesilo are the low end, godaddy charges the most. google domains is in the middle). Get whichever you can use. Saving a few bucks but having no documentation (free) and no customer support ($$$) to refer to isn’t worth it.

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I’ve used Vanilla forums and really like it. It’s free, and it can be embedded directly into a page. I would post examples, but they are private, and for my students only. If you use Sitelok, that member and access management software has a plugin for Vanilla forums. This is useful for this kind of scenario: I have a students only section of my website which provides resources such as reading lists, times and locations for meetings etc. Once they are logged into the student section, they are automatically logged into the forum as well. 8 Ball Pool,Google Hangouts, Omegle

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First you need to purchase a domain eg
Then you need to obtain hosting via a hosting provider
Then you need to decide between various web providers like wordpress, shopify, wix, squarespace etc