How do you create a website?

I want to create an official website but don’t know how

That’s a little vague, are you asking how to get your page online, or how to code a website from scratch?

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Maybe both? Which one is easiest?

Well it’s two completely different things, are you interested in web programming, or are you looking for a service where you can build a webpage without any knowledge about progamming?

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Maybe both? IDK… I don’t know how to code…

Ok if you want to learn coding, the fCC curriculum (button in upper left corner) is a great place to get started.

If you only want a website and don’t want to code it yourself, your options are:

If you want a website there are many different ways of getting one or building one:

  • You can build one from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages, but that would require that you understand the concepts of the code and would take some time, to understand it all, maybe 3 weeks for HTML, and CSS and as long as 5 months or more for JavaScript, depending on how much you learn and code.

  • You can also build a website using Wordpress or other CMS sites, this doesn’t take too long because you’ll be building it by moving objects here and there adding text, basically, no need for too much code, you probably won’t even see it.

  • You can also ask other developers to build it for, might come with a price tag on it though because you’re making someone work and make it for you.

Now which one is the best?

It depends.

If you’ve got lots of time, the website isn’t needed anytime soon, then learn how to code! It’s good for you in the long term.

If you’ve got little time and need one ASAP, you can either hire a developer through websites like, etc.

You can also use and, (go search up their differences), if you’d like that. You’d just have to learn how to build everything and all.

Now Which one is the cheapest?

Learning to code in my opinion, because you can practically learn how to code anywhere (try FreeCodeCamp!) But this takes some time.

Then you can hire a developer, it could cost you anywhere from $5 to even $1000! Depending on who’s doing it for you and how dynamic or complex is the website and how long it’ll take.

Or use Wordpress! But it will still cost you…

please don’t suggest to use freeCodeCamp to hire someone, we are not a job board, and job postings are against our code of conduct

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My apologies, I will edit it now.