How long Before I can Make My Own Website?


I am very interested in creating my own e-commerce website to dropship products or even sell my own merchandise which I built myself. After doing some research on FCC, I read that it takes two years to get the certificate, and that assumes eight hours a day, five days a week. I glanced at the first part and it was 300 hours.

My question is, can I specifically choose what I need to learn in order to build a website for my desired purpose, which is ecommerce? If so, what do you all recommend I choose to learn? Thank you for your time in responding to this post :slight_smile:


been 4+ years and i’ve no idea how to make one

or make any softwares

it’ll be good if there was a good learning source tho

so in hours, how long is that?

With the first certificate you can make a static website, adding in the following two you can make an interactive website,and then with the others you can create a website with a database which is what you would need. Note that FreeCodeCamp may be a guideline on what to learn in what order but you will still need to use other resources to learn

How much time? It depends. On a lot of things.

So I cannot sell items via e-commerce with a static website? What do you mean database? What will that do?

Well, it depends on what your website is trying to do. The more complicated your website is, the more it’ll cost and the harder it’ll be to program.
You’ll need these things to run a website:

  1. A web server
    Web servers are where your website lives. This is the computer that’ll send out your web page to visitors. There are many hosting providers, so pick one you like! :slight_smile: (Note: most web servers are not free)
  2. A back-end server software
    Some web servers have this, so get one of those if you can. If they don’t, look into Apache or some other provider. (Apache serves static webpages, so if you want to change your content you’ll have to change the HTML). If you want something like a database or e-commerce, you’ll need a fancier backend with something like SQL or some other way to handle databases. Note: The fancier your site is, the harder it is to make secure, so keep that in mind!
  3. A domain name
    Not strictly necessary, but a domain name is important for most modern websites. Unless you want to have to type in something like instead of, I suggest you get a domain name. The cheapest domain’s I’ve found are at Namecheap, but there are maaaany domain name providers (like hosting provides). Note that this is also not free.

Hope this helps!

[EDIT]: A database is a way of storing data for your website. For example, you might want a database of search results, or a database of user logins. Most modern websites have databases, depending on what they do and if they need to keep track of lots of user data.

[EDIT 2]: For E-commerce I’d recommend selling something on eBay or PayPal and then linking to that with an <a> element. That way, you don’t have to deal with handling credit cards because you can make eBay/PayPal do it! :smile:

Thank you so much for the reply. My main goals is creating a website to sell using shopify among others. In other words, I am seeking to buy items wholesale and have them drop-shipped from my website. Perhaps there is some new electronic device that came out, or skullcandy headphones etc… I wanted to build a website to review the products and sell them directly from my site via dropshipping. So, for this I can just learn HTML, correct?

I also read that sometimes it just better going with learning wordpress?

Yes, HTML would be fine as long as you weren’t doing the processing on your website. WordPress is also nice because you can custom-build themes with HTML (I think…) and WordPress plugins are easy to use, too!

assuming you have infinite time and god like focus and only suffer minor loss of sanity

make your own webpage: 1 week
make a webpage thats not garbage: 1 month
understand javascript enough to make your page function: 2-3 months
understand how clients and servers work: 1 day
understand how express APIs work: 2 weeks
understand how to use your API properly: 2 weeks
understanding databases: 1 month
using databases properly: 1 month
deploy your site: 1 week
time in therapy: 4 years

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Please forgive me for asking, but can you give me examples of doing the processing on my website? What does this entail?