Getting Started with my own website

I have a website that I bought through godaddy. What program do I use to start building code? How do I plug my code into that address? Can I use the site start messing around with coding work that no one can see?

I really don’t know where to begin on this. Any direction is helpful.


the domain name you bought wasnt really necessary. you wont need it for a while

if you wanna start messing around with code you should start working on the freecodecamp curriculum

you will need a code editor. for now codepen should be enough

youre going to get stuck a lot and thats ok. so if you need help, come to this forum and ask questions. thats what were here for

happy coding

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you might want to refund your site for now. I didn’t buy a domain for about 6 months after I started coding.

Thanks. Yes, I did some of the curriculum last year but got side tracked. Now I want to see if I can use the curriculum to build my own thing as I go.

The domain is fine for now. I’ve just got a basic layout for now, all I need.

If you have a site with godaddy, I would recommend simply placing a index.html file in your www/html folder and just play with some css/html there
That’s the simplest way to get a static site up

Yes sir that 's what I’m looking for. Cheers!

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no worries! it may not be called www/html I haven’t used them in a while. However, whatever the “active” directory is, is where that index file needs to go.