First steps on Visual Studio Code on a Chromebook

Hi, there.
I began writing code in Visual Studio Code on my Chromebook, because it supports Linux apps. I’ve also installed the Live Servers extension in order to previsualize my webpage.
The preview works, but I could not find the option for ‘going live’ and see what I write while I’m writing. Is it because I’m using a Chromebook? Does anyone know how to get a live preview?
Thanks for reading this and I look forward for your answer.

you can’t see updates as you are typing, the best you can have is when you save the file

that said, have you been able
to open the live preview with the live server? does it change when you save?

You saved my day, ieahleen! Thanks a lot! I didn’t think that saving was related to the live preview, but it really does! In fact, two things I had to do to fix it, following your advice:

  1. save the current file. That made the ‘Go live’ button appear.

  2. set ‘Autosave’. Otherwise, I’d have to save any time I wanted to see the preview and tap ‘Go live’ again.