Html on Vscode editor , LIVE SERVER NOT WORKING

Hi all , so am using Vs code to write some html , i previously installed the live server extension , used to work sometimes back , i haven’t used Vs code for a while now . So after trying to write some codes today i realized that live server will only work each time i hit the save button which is so tedious . How do i fix this problem . Thank you

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Hello Poul.

I am going to need more information about what you mean by:

“the live server will only work each time I hit the save button”

I use live-server a lot, and have the automatic reload enabled, but I know that I have to hit save on my script, in order for the change to be loaded.

Do you want the live-server to just reload as you type? For this, you will need to change VS Code to automatically save as you type.

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yes i want the changes to take place automatically as i write the code

my bad ,i had disabled auto save feature ,now it is working thank you

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