First test not moving past testing

I am trying to complete the HTML test and I wrote

Hello World

In the testing section it reads that it is testing but it goes no further...please help.

Thank you in advance.

Did you remove those <h1> tags?

No I thought they were suppose to stay in place.

And so they are. Can you post exactly what you have in the HTML editor? Wrap it in backticks (the key over the tab, the one with the ~ on it), to display it as actual code.

Hello World


hello world


And, when you click on ‘Run the tests’, it simply sits and does nothing?

~,h1>hello world~

sorry here you go I am not use to this yet


hello world


You’ll get there. Type them all in a line, like this:

`<h1>Hello world<h1>`

But that tells me your code itself is fine. Now, have you clicked the “Run the tests” button?

correct that is exact what is happening

Yes I did click the run tests button and it is still right at this moment still reading running tests

I am having the exact same problem right now. Not moving beyond testing.

What browsers are you using, @VIX? I know @Missiepooh is on MS Edge. Wondering if there’s a problem loading a library. I’ve noticed if I can’t get jQuery to load, the whole thing goes funky.

I just tried the second one to see if that one works, but it’s the same thing.

I am also on MS Edge.

I downloaded Google Chrome and it works fine on there. Guess I’ll have to stick with that for now.

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So, for both of you, Edge doesn’t support a lot of the features needed for FCC to run. Take a look at Does not pass running test to see more.

@VIX , you did well figuring that out. @Missiepooh, try running chrome too.

Thank you @snowmonkey.