First time coding - Tribute Page

This is my tribute page!

It’s my first time coding so don’t be too mean about it :sweat_smile:.
But please let me know of any improvements I could make, I’m not sure if I’ve coded everything in the most efficient way.
Also, I’ve used an image in the background which I think takes a while to load. Is there any way to make a background image load more swiftly, or do you just generally not use images as backgrounds?

This is my second attempt after making the page more responsive to resizing


Very clean and nicely done design! I really like your choice of colors and fonts.
Try to optimize the responsiveness of your page to different screen sizes, first try and make the window smaller in the Pen Editor. You will see that some of your content begins to behave oddly, in “distorted” way.
That is because the central part of your page doesn’t use any responsive design “tricks”, try to implement some of the stuff we learned in the BootStrap part of the course.
As for the image loading, you should optimize the size of your picture - right now it is 6000x2848 pixels and it is an overkill for most of the screens.

Thank you ever so much for your feed back, I really appreciate it!! I’ve redone the page to optimise responsiveness, let me know what you think!