First tribute page!

Hello everyone,
I’m fairly new to coding but I’m enjoying the journey so far!
This is my first tribute page and I would love for some feedback, constructive criticism, ETC.
Thank you and have a great day!

Rocky Marciano Tribute Page

It looks good except the bottom image is not responsive. You applied a css class “punch” to that image.

Thank you for catching that!

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Great job, especially for a first project! Almost everything is responsive, and you practiced using Google fonts, awesome!

A couple of design flaws you could improve on - Get a larger background image because as it stands, the image is pixelated since it is stretched. Add a text-shadow or change the color completely, because the white tends to bleed into the light colors of the background. Add an .img-responsive class to the image on the bottom so it resizes with the rest of the page.

Also, it’s generally poor practice to have a link that explicitly states Click Here! Instead, make it a descriptive phrase - Check out Wikipedia for more Rocky information!

Finally, to really challenge yourself, add another element to play around with positioning. Maybe a side banner, or float an image within the text. Making mistakes is the best way to become a pro!

Hi Dylan,

Like @drregg6 said, kudos for experimenting with background-image and Google fonts! You could add font styles to your body text too to give the rest of the page the same sort of feel.

Also, list elements don’t always look the best when centered, so what you can do is call “text-align: left;” on them in CSS, then add margin-left and margin-right so it still looks centered on the page without running too far off to the sides.

And, if you add bootstrap into your CSS settings, you can add the class “img-thumbnail” to your pictures, which automatically gives them a nice white border, which you can further customize with CSS border styles.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your input! I’ll be sure to make the proper changes!

Thank you Chloe! I noticed how the text was running far off the sides and didn’t exactly know how to correct that. Now I do! I’ll be sure to work on that.

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