Flappy Penguin Step 55

Hello everyone.

I have a small issue with the Step 55 for the Flappy Penguin. While completing the CSS part of this step, I switched to html to see once again the body and after I added the CSS code, I don’t have the option to check the code and move forward. Tried to referesh, swithc again in between CSS & HTML, even tried to pass the step again, but it didn’t solve the issue. Here is a screenshoot:

Thank you.

Here is the 2nd screenshoot:

Clear the browser cache, then close and restart the browser.

Hello lasjorg,
I did that, butthe problem still persists.

Thank you.

For some reason, it just won’t work on the browser, so instead I inserted the required code via the phone application and it worked. So I guess this might be a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your response.

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