Flask or Django

I am learning python and my next topic is web development. I would like some help in figuring out which of the above two is the best to start learning, in regard to sustainability, relevance in the next five years and security of the websites. I will appreciate feedback.

Its probably best to know both frameworks, I have personally learnt Django so far and in my research it looks like Flask is better for people who have never programmed before. Looks like Django has a steeper learning curve than Flask and it has this concept of “batteries included” meaning the framework has most things included and no need for repitition of common tasks. Django provides as much security as possible out of the box, with tools and documentation to prevent common mistakes but developer coding mistakes and improper deployment can result in security loopholes. Also with Python growing in popularity that means its frameworks too but I know Django has a massive community behind it. Django is still very relevant. Sorry can’t comment on Flask much because I’m not familiar with it.

Hello, not my main field , but as far as I know Flask could be better if you have not too much experience in development.
As the PyPI in the Python SF says: “Flask offers suggestions, but doesn’t enforce any dependencies or project layout. It is up to the developer to choose the tools and libraries they want to use.”
These characteristics may help you in your learning, however, do not guarantee the best practices.
Django is a full-fledged framework, is more specific and scalable, and you will probably require more code lines.
If you want more information:


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I echo @MrBondx. I got started with Django here:


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