Django learning partner!

Hi guys, looking for someone to learn Django with and then create a team project to showcase what we have learned.

I originally made a post in regards to learning Flask, but with all the documentation/resources with Django, and the amount of companies using it, I definitely feel like Python/Django is the way to go!


Hi @jmast02!

I really suggest you first try Flask as it is easier than Django and the concepts you learn in Flask can be easily used in Django!

I learnt Flask using this incredibly complete tutorial.

I plan on learning Django some moment in the future so I can’t offer to be your partner :pensive:

Good luck on finding a partner!

I actually did that tutorial on flask as well! And definitely helped me with understanding the beginning of my Django learning.

The pain with Flask for me was really figuring out project structure, there was not much of an outline, and seemed like people structure in many different ways.

I just started with Django this week, and I’m liking what I am seeing. At first it looks like a lot to take in, but the project structure is there for you, which I really like. Having an SQLite database already there for you, and even a WSGI file for easy deployment ( I deployed a simple page to Heroku just to test it out, and it took just minutes.)

I really want to jump in and get really into it, but just taking baby steps right now. ( Only like 3 days into it lol. )

Also, way more Django resources/documentation than Flask, which I am assuming is because flask is a microframework and seems like a lot of flask is personal choice.

I just started the book ‘Django for beginners’ by William S. Vincent. Off to a great start.

Hi jmast02, I am ready for django learning partner.

Hey i have learnt django basics,
and i am learning django - rest api now ,
If you want any help I am ready to join you