I Think I'm Stuck In Tutorial Hell - Python

So I’m currently learning how to use Flask. After learning the Python basics I have started so many tutorials on different things that revolve around Python. The problem is end up worrying that I should have done this or that, or maybe I have got ahead of myself.
Django and Flask have so much that Python basics doesn’t cover and the tutorials I have seen go through how to make your first web page or app, but don’t explain things like tutorials did when learning the Python basics. I end up sitting there thinking why this, why that? and end up shrugging it off just to save snippets for templates to use later in Flask.
Of course there is the Flask or Django documentation but I am just so unsure of a clear path to my goal, what right and what wrong.

I just want to know enough to create a portfolio for a few projects to start with and really give freelancing a go while i keep learning.
How much of each given skill do i need to learn to get started, I know learning is an ongoing process and I am more than willing to learn what ever I need to.

I originally switched from learning JavaScript on FCC to Python, because the things you could do with Python really interested me but FCC has structure and a path laid out before you which i miss.

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I think if you consider your end goal ( What you want to build and do for work) , you should deconstruct that goal. Create the path from the end and see where you fall (what you already know) on that path. “Learn to build the engine by breaking down the engine.”