Python, Flask Web App. Who wants to join?

Okay I have an idea about a Make Plans with Friends App that I want to create with Python and Flask. The problem is while I know Python and some Flask, I have no idea how to start with this. I therefore need someone who has a foundation in Python and Flask and also some experience to create this Web Application with me. Is anyone interested? (The main reason I want to create this app is to learn how to create a working, full-size web application that actually has a purpose)

Hey, I’m interested in helping. Explain a bit more in detail if possible.

Hi, well the plan is to create a web application that makes it convenient to make/organize plans with friends eg. who is coming, who brings what etc. I primarily want to do this to get to know python and Flask a little bit better.

I’ve just joined FCC, how did your app turn out. I am interested in learning Flask

Can’t install Python on my PC, i mean program, what should i do?

What setup do you have (Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows)?