Flask Blueprint Setup

Hi all, I’m fairly new to Python, but new to Flask.

I’m starting a fantasy sports web app API project with Flask. I’ve read an article on how to set up blueprints. But I’m a bit confused on how to run the app.

I have an app.py located in the root folder and also init.py in the blueprints folder.

I tried following the guide, but I was confused on running the app. I tried to run app.py, but when I go to a route, it doesn’t find it. I’ve looked through the guide and couldn’t find anything on what should be on the app.py file, or if it’s still needed anymore. Is how I’m setting up the file structure wrong? Also, what should be on the app.py file?

I’ve linked the guide. I would show a structure of the files, but I figured it would be easier to link to the GitHub page.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You

How to Use Blueprints to Organize Your Flask Apps

Project GitHub

I’m not sure how many people here are familiar with Flask (I’ve only used it in the simplest sense to make a responsive app without the Blueprint setup).

Maybe if you haven’t had any experience with Flask beyond the guide you are looking at, you should try making a simple app first based on the Flask quickstart app?
It may help you fill some gaps in the knowledge you need to work on something bigger.

Just my 2 cents.

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