Issues while running flask

This is my first time using Flask, so excuse me. I am facing some issues while running it, it tells me that the template is not found, although I am certain that the python application and the files “flask.html” and “index.html” are there(index being the default), I have tried using a very precise path like “C:\Users\Debashis\Desktop\Coding\web_python\Webapp\index.html”. too, and it really doesn’t seem to help at all. So I could do with some help with where I have gone wrong.

I believe flask is expecting templates to be in /templates folder. That folder though should not be included in the call to the render_template.

I am clueless about what do I do next.

Create templates folder in the Webapp folder, move your templates to it and try running again :slight_smile:

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I tried it now. Still says the template isn’t found. I found some stuff on google saying that flask expects the non-template stuff in a static folder, so am I supposed to move inside of that?

Okay, that wasn’t the only issue, there was also an issue with the return value

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